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IE11, available for Windows 7 and 8.x, offers a new set of developer tools. Some of the new features includes:

New DOM Inspector/style feature:

  • Improved highlighting of selected elements.
  • New breadcrumb navigation shows the DOM path to the current element, allowing rapid navigation up and down the path hierarchy.
  • You can now change the order of the DOM elements by dragging and dropping.
  • Trace is a new feature that provides a concise summary list of all the properties applied from your stylesheets.
  • The ability to filter computed styles.
  • A new Events panel that allows us to Inspect events attached to DOM elements.

New console features:

  • The window.console object is now defined even when developer tools are closed.
  • Console can now be opened from any pane: IE11 uses the keyboard shortcut Ctrl +’.
  • Support for $ as a shortcut for getElementById and $$ as a shortcut for querySelector.
  • Objects within console can be inspected.
  • Support for console.count,, console.trace and console.time.

New scripting/debugging features:

  • The whole journey for debugging in IE has been improved. The Start Debugging button has been removed.
  • Hover over variables to see values.
  • You can Set next statement to ensure your debugger does not skip code wrapped in library functions.
  • Run a script to see where the cursor is.
  • Open multiple scripts simultaneously.

New performance tool:

  • Called the UI Responsiveness Tool.
  • It has a Timeline mode, similar to Chrome’s.
  • Shows a graph for actual frames per second (fps) against 60fps and 30fps.

New emulation features:

  • Emulate for responsive web design.
  • Emulate for Windows Phone.
  • Fake device location via geolocation.


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