Javascript A self-study class ($25) enabling students to learn at their own pace includes seven lessons guiding you through the foundation of modern programming practices on the client browser using JavaScript.

This introduction JavaScript class will take the novice with no programming experience at all get up to speed on how JavaScript can quietly be used with HTML and CSS to really make your pages standout. Today’s JavaScript is not about opening popup windows, browser detection, mouse-rollovers and the like, but is understanding how to allow your content layer (“HTML”) and presentation layer (“CSS”) to work seamlessly and unobtrusively with your behavior layer (“JavaScript”).

To give you an idea of how each lesson looks, here is the first lesson free (.pdf) to review for yourself!

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  1. Darryle Ross says:

    Hi Frank,

    I find that it is very easy to follow as you “assume no knowledge of any type of programming skill.”

    After reading the first lesson, I could see that you don’t have a problem with coming down to where the student is at. I wish more teachers would do that. It serves as a very good ‘introduction’ to what the student can expect.

    Anyways, don’t be surprised if I show up in your class in the very near future. . . .

    ’til then,

    Darryle AKA: “Kode Munkee” Ross

    • Darryle Ross says:

      Hi Frank,

      I don’t know about the ‘soon’ part, but I’m here to say that I have finally enrolled in your jQuery class. Took a while, but I made it. . . .

      Darryle, AKA: “Kode Munkee”, Ross

  2. Steve says:

    I just finished the JavaScript course. The course was very easy to follow and it provided me with the base to build on. I knew just a little about JavaScript (although I had experience with other programming languages) yet I had absolutely no problem to follow the course, complete the assignments and retain most of the knowledge. As the ancient Greek said: repetition is the mother of knowledge, so the key for me is to continue practicing and build on what I learned. I think with this course it is fully achievable. I feel can be an expert in JavaScript.

    I found Frank’s lessons easy to follow, very informative gradually building on the previous lessons. When I had questions Frank was there to guide me through. All in all, I really enjoyed this course, learned a lot and it was an excellent value for the tuition fee.

    Thanks Frank.

  3. Karen says:

    I recently completed the Javascript class with Frank Stepanski. The lesson plans were extremely helpful in explaining the concepts we were learning. I also took advantage of the information posted on his JavaScript Workshop site.

    I am looking forward to finding the time to take his other classes in the near future.

    Thanks again Frank!

  4. Floyd says:

    The Javascript class gives you a great foundation upon which to build on. The material does not come with a steep learning curve, so you can gain knowledge without getting frustrated, regardless of your level of experience.

    I look forward to taking additional classes like JQuery or the PHP class to build upon what I have learned here.

    Frank, thanks for making the learning process fun!

  5. John says:

    I too finished Frank’s JavaScript Basics class last week, and it’s opened up a whole new world. I love fiddling with the nested loop structure, and the only thing holding me back was my own cramped schedule.

    The Basics course offers just enough to show the possibilities (with some neat examples…who, after all, couldn’t use a customizable random number generator? I could have used that thirty five years ago when I played Dungeons and Dragons!). He does introduce resources for learning more on your own, but he’s got higher-level courses available as well.


    🙂 John

  6. Ann says:

    I just finished Frank’s Javascript class, and it was great! I learned a lot. I’m never going to be a great programmer, but now I know enough to get into real trouble!

    Actually, this is going to be great for creating cool effects and functions that I can use for my own websites and classes. I’ve been wanting to make forms for quite a while now that do all the things we learned, so this was perfect.

    Thanks, Frank!

  7. Anita says:

    Okay Frank, you caught me 😀

    Your lessons were very good, I think the logic of it escapes me sometimes. Plus I seem to have a harder time finding solutions on the web like I can for php 😉

    I intend to plug along until I get reasonably comfortable with it. Thanks for offering this course, I thoroughly enjoyed it!


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