wordpress_introA self-study class ($25) enabling students to learn at their own pace includes six lessons guiding you step-by-step through all of the basic aspects of WordPress development.

This introduction WordPress class will teach students how to setup a WordPress from installation, administration, customizing with plugins and themes and understanding how to optimize with SEO techniques.

To give you an idea of how each lesson looks, here is the first lesson free (.pdf) for you to review.

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  1. Carolyn C. Tedholm says:

    This was a good introduction to WordPress “under the hood.” Circumstances prevented me from spending as much time as I should have on this class, but got a lot out of it anyway.

    The instructor was a good resource for additional information and hand-holding when things didn’t work right.

    Overall, though, I got a lot of useful information from this class and I hope to be able to take advantage of it very soon.

  2. Ray says:


    I just paid the 25$ on paypal for the “Introduction to WordPress” What do I do now?

    • Hi Ray

      I just emailed you as well. You received an email with a download link to a .zip file for the lesson files and examples. Make sure you check the email you used to pay for the lesson. The email you used for this comment and when you emailed was a different email.

      Any other issues let me know.


  3. Ian Watson says:

    Hi Frank,

    I really enjoyed the class lessons, it was a great introduction to getting WordPress installed and running. It also gave me an appreciation for the range of options and customization possible with the program, and the need to test themes to find compatible versions.

    It also became clear that I will need to become more familiar with modifying php code to add or modify features.

    Thanks again,

  4. Bill Morgan says:

    I’ll be moving to WordPress with my new domain this weekend then I’ll get started. I’ll move my blog over at that point.

    My questions are; once I move over to WordPress will FeedBurner bring over subscribers?

    Also, should I learn basic HTML and CSS for the screen design?


    Bill Morgan

    • Hi Bill

      You can move over your subscribers to a different domain within Feedburner I believe.

      Screen design of a homepage in WordPress? Yes, anytime you want to create or tweak an existing design in WordPress or using any tool, knowing HTML and CSS is very important.

  5. The materials are laid out starting with a very fundamental tutorial on how to get your WordPress blog up and running. The materials become increasingly more technical and complex as the student progresses through the training.

    Within hours of receiving your course material, my blog was up and running in a self-hosted environment.

    I have since added some new features to suit my needs and have even used your guidance to get into the coding itself, something I was not really excited about doing when I first started this project.

    I think your documentation is a great value, actually I have paid a lot more for self-paced courses that are not nearly as through as yours. I am very pleased with my purchase and encourage any do-it-yourselfers to take advantage of your product.

  6. Hey, Frank:

    Your six chapter “Understanding WordPress,” helped me to resolve several problems in setting-up my WP blogs. I had bogged down trying to use Codex and Lynda.com lessons keyed to various versions of WP (my Yahoo Host likes to stay several editions behind the curve). I had decided to give-up and start anew, when I got your six chapters by e-mail.

    I printed them all, put them into a binder and Lo! the scales were lifted from my eyes. I saw clearly how to work-through my half-implemented WP blog without throwing away any of my old work. This blog is an important extension of our floral design business website, therefore, handling of images and text wrapping were critical.

    Thanks to your “Understanding WordPress” It works! Also, this blog, photos and all, is the primary feed to our FaceBook page, Yukiko’s Floral Design Studio. It works!
    Thank you

  7. Kate Asbury says:

    Interested in your class for these reasons – my husband hired a guy to create a website for our construction company and the site was created with WordPress. I am a mortgage loan officer and would like to start a blog and wordpress came highly recommended. If I create a blog from scratch in WP, can I link to our construction site? I don’t want my blog created from our construction company site – kind of want to keep them separate – but slightly linked…get it? Is that possible? Also, I was thinking of buying my domain name from Godaddy. Would there be a way to integrate a WordPress Blog site with a Godaddy-purchased domain?

    • Hi Kate,

      Yes of course, you can link to your construction site or any other site you want. You can also include information from one site or the other to share information if you want as well.

      Using GoDaddy or any other webhosting service, you can use a new domain for your existing WordPress site. You will just have to be able to update your DNS A record in the hosting account that hosts your WordPress site. So hopefully you have access to that from the guy you hired to create it. If not, you will need to get that information from him.

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