jQuery Tip: Simple Image Slideshow

Image slideshows have been around forever, but I thought I cover one from my Intro to jQuery Class.

The objective of this image slideshow is just have a series of image contained in a DIV element. By default the first image will display while the rest of the images (however many there are), will be hidden.

A CSS class is needed for first image to display, the rest by default will be hidden (display: none).

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Best PHP IDE Survey 2014

phpstormSitepoint did a survey recently to find out the best PHP IDE from it’s readers. The results of over 4000 participants were overwhelmingly in favor of PHPStorm.

PhpStorm is an offspring of IntelliJ IDEA, the Jetbrains Java IDE, and is basically a stripped down version with PHP support embedded. Due to this plugin based nature,

PhpStorm can support other languages just as easily, allowing you to develop NodeJS, Dart, Go and other language apps in the same environment.


No More JS MVC Frameworks


A framework is like an iceberg, that 10% floating above the water doesn’t look dangerous, it’s the hidden 90% that will eventually get you.

Joe Gregorio wrote a great article on why all these JS MVC frameworks aren’t necessarily a good thing. 

WordCamp CT

worldcamp-imagetempI just recently attended the WordPress WordCamp CT in Stamford CT and had a wonderful time.

It was the first WordCamp in CT and was spearheaded by Clinton Warren, who owns his own freelance (Stacked Agency) and education business (Illuminate WP). Met lots of great people and sat in on some great presentations and will definitely be back next year.

Here are some of the presentations that were given:

Akilah Thompkins: Integrating Social Media with WordPress
Alex Miranda: Optimizing Your WordPress Website
Brian Casel: How to Use Email to Grow Your Audience
Doug Yuen: Optimizing WordPress Performance
Jake Goldman: Leveraging WordPress’s HTML5 Media Player
Laura Hartwig: Theme Customization using Firebug & Basic CSS
Meeky Hwang: WordPress VIP Best Practices
Sam Hotchkiss: WordPress Security
Thomas Morel: Introduction to Plugin Development
Ulrike Gencarelle: The Professional Design Process

Mobile First Myths

mobilefirst-spaceThe term Mobile First, coined by Luke Wroblewski a number of years ago seems to still not be fully understood by some in the web industry as we as clients, so I thought I’d share a few myths I have heard:

Myth: Mobile First means designing for mobile devices first and in isolation. Only when the entire mobile experience is designed and built should you consider the other form factors

Fact: Mobile First means designing for an ecosystem of form factors simultaneously – mobile, tablet and desktop, but through the prism of mobile. The limited estate of mobile forces simplification that us then applied also to the other form factors. Read more ›

What is Consistent Design?

Consistent design, the most common multi-device approach applied today, happens when the same essential experience, with the same content and features, is ported across devices in a like manner.

In many cases, it’s the desktop experience that is replicated on the mobile device, with some adjustments made to accommodate different devices’ characteristics.


These adjustments address differences between devices in facets like form factor, screen size, interaction model (touch, keys, voice), and sensors (GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope, and others). They can be visual—  adapting screen layouts, grids, and user interface (UI) element size, but they can also involve other experience layers, like information architecture (IA). Read more ›

JavaScript Tip: Scope

Here is a great presentation by David Aragon at the jQuery Conference 2013 in San Diego talking about Scope and JavaScript:

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