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Top SEO Drupal Modules

  1. SEO Compliance Checker – delivers feedback on compliance of a preset series of user-defined rules.
  2. SEO Checklist – provides a comprehensive list for on-site SEO, marking-off each as you complete.
  3. Page Title – provides the ability to control individual nodes, setting content in the <title> tag.
  4. Global Redirect – fixes duplicate URL bugs that tend to occur with clean URLs and the Pathauto module.
  5. Metatag – Although the meta keyword has much less importance in SEO than it used to years ago, it includes meta keyword and descriptions for you to update.
  6. Search 404 – performs a search on the keywords within a non-existing URL. It helps keep visitors on your site using search engine keyword detection and expression-based filtering from the URL.
  7. XML Sitemap – generates a dynamic site map built for search engines, adhering to the specification of
  8. HTML Purifier – filters HTML to ensure rendered output is standards-compliant, removing all malicious code in the process.
  9. Menu Attributes – enables the administrator to target specific attributes, including id, name, class and styles.

Learning Drupal Intro Class

drupalA self-study class ($25) enabling students to learn at their own pace includes six lessons guiding you step-by-step through all of the basic aspects of Drupal development.

This introduction to Drupal class will teach students the main components of a Drupal installation such as administration, themes, modules, taxonomy, content types, and views in eventually creating a fully working website in the final lesson. Read more ›