Git Overview

Git is version control software that keeps track of changes that you make to files and directories, and it is especially good in keeping track of text changes that you make.

guthubGit thinks of its data like a set of snapshots of a mini-filesystem. Every time you commit, or save the state of your project in Git, it basically takes a picture of what all your files look like at that moment and stores a reference to that snapshot.

Everything in Git is check-summed before it is stored and is then referred to by that checksum. This means it’s impossible to change the contents of any file or directory without Git knowing about it.

Git is most useful for people who are not afraid of command-line tools. There are graphical user interfaces that can be used with Git, but it is first and foremost a command-line tool which is part of why it stays so popular with programmers and developers who aren’t afraid of those command-line tools. Continue reading