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Most Popular jQuery Plugins for 2013

  1. jQuery Migrate – version 1.9 of jQuery deprecated or removed a number of methods that had long since been on the chopping block. Because these changes could potentially break existing web sites, the team introduced the jQuery Migrate plug-in, which works to restore this functionality
  2. Cycle 2 – a versatile slideshow plug-in that is super easy to setup and customize. It supports all browsers and is declarative and responsive.
  3. FitVids.js – allows for fluid-width video embedding, while maintaining the original aspect ratio. This plugin takes out the tedious CSS hacking that is required when working with video hosts such as YouTube and Vimeo.
  4. TypeAhead – is a fully documented, well-built and fast autocomplete library. You just provide a dataset, optionally set a template that will be used for the dropdown menu, and that’s it.
  5. Nested – is a beautiful multi-column grid plug-in that allows for creating dynamic, gap-free layouts. It accomplishes this by creating a matrix of all applicable elements.