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jQuery Tip: Image Preloading

Apart from using JavaScript to pre-load images, you can very easily use a little bit of jQuery to do the same:


If you want to use a jQuery plugin for image preloading, here are a few:

jQuery Tip: Binding Multiple Events

When you need to have an element respond to multiple events (i.e. desktop and mobile), you can use the bind() jQuery  method.

jQuery Tips: :contains() selector

I’ve used the :contains() selector in a recently web project and was reminded just how useful it was.

If you need a quick way to  modify an HTML element based on the text it contains, it’s a great little method.

jQuery Tip: Another Simple Image Slideshow

Here is another image slideshow that is slightly different from the last one I reviewed  as it has the images  surrounded by a DIV so you can add text to each if you wish.

We just wrap each image with a DIV with the appropriate styling:

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Learning jQuery Intro Class

jquery A self-study class ($25) enabling students to learn at their own pace includes five lessons guiding you how you can enhance your JavaScript development by learning the basics of the JavaScript library jQuery.

This class is geared for web designers to help and learn how to use jQuery to enhance existing web pages as well as web developers to teach them how to use a very popular and powerful JavaScript library.

Using raw JavaScript can result in dozens of lines of code for each of these tasks. The creators of jQuery specifically created the library to make common tasks trivial. The class will be teaching not only how to use the many functions and properties of API, but practical examples you can use right away. Read more ›

Mobile Apps: jQuery Mobile

Mobile web design and development presents new challenges: creating web apps that are more than simple websites; there are too many devices out there with different browser compatibilities; and there are also too many libraries trying to solve the same problem with mixed community and device support.

jQuery Mobile  was created to help designers and developers create mobile web experiences easily, and for those experiences to be multiplatform, customizable, and with unobtrusive code.  jQuery Mobile is a framework that delivers web app experiences to mobile and tablet devices, mainly with touch interfaces, effortlessly, across multiple platforms, and using only HTML5 standard code. Read more ›

Most Popular jQuery Plugins for 2013

  1. jQuery Migrate – version 1.9 of jQuery deprecated or removed a number of methods that had long since been on the chopping block. Because these changes could potentially break existing web sites, the team introduced the jQuery Migrate plug-in, which works to restore this functionality
  2. Cycle 2 – a versatile slideshow plug-in that is super easy to setup and customize. It supports all browsers and is declarative and responsive.
  3. FitVids.js – allows for fluid-width video embedding, while maintaining the original aspect ratio. This plugin takes out the tedious CSS hacking that is required when working with video hosts such as YouTube and Vimeo.
  4. TypeAhead – is a fully documented, well-built and fast autocomplete library. You just provide a dataset, optionally set a template that will be used for the dropdown menu, and that’s it.
  5. Nested – is a beautiful multi-column grid plug-in that allows for creating dynamic, gap-free layouts. It accomplishes this by creating a matrix of all applicable elements.