CSS Tip: Float example

Using CSS floats is very commonplace for web pages layouts and designs and here is just another example.

I needed a layout for an interior page that would display information in a pseudo calendar format with dates on one side and the event description on the other. I wanted it to be easy to read and would look fine on smaller devices without making any style changes.

So this is what I came up with:

Demo: http://jsfiddle.net/QS3sA/1/



Formatting Tables Quickly

tables Formatting Tables QuicklyWhen you have lots of data tables on a website and need to quickly format them so they are readable look at least somewhat not too boring a little CSS and jQuery can go a long way.

As we all know tables should be only used for tabular spreadsheet-like data but even then there are considerations to me made when trying to design them in a way that matches the rest of your site. So every situation will be unique but here is a sample that can be used as a starting point.

These styles add a thin border around all cells, put content vertically spaced, unique header background color, and consistent text alignment to the left. Read more ›

jQuery Tips: :contains() selector

I’ve used the :contains() selector in a recently web project and was reminded just how useful it was.

If you need a quick way to  modify an HTML element based on the text it contains, it’s a great little method.

jQuery Tip: Another Simple Image Slideshow

Here is another image slideshow that is slightly different from the last one I reviewed  as it has the images  surrounded by a DIV so you can add text to each if you wish.

We just wrap each image with a DIV with the appropriate styling:

Read more ›

jQuery Tip: Simple Image Slideshow

Image slideshows have been around forever, but I thought I cover one from my Intro to jQuery Class.

The objective of this image slideshow is just have a series of image contained in a DIV element. By default the first image will display while the rest of the images (however many there are), will be hidden.

A CSS class is needed for first image to display, the rest by default will be hidden (display: none).

Read more ›

Best PHP IDE Survey 2014

phpstorm Best PHP IDE Survey 2014Sitepoint did a survey recently to find out the best PHP IDE from it’s readers. The results of over 4000 participants were overwhelmingly in favor of PHPStorm.

PhpStorm is an offspring of IntelliJ IDEA, the Jetbrains Java IDE, and is basically a stripped down version with PHP support embedded. Due to this plugin based nature,

PhpStorm can support other languages just as easily, allowing you to develop NodeJS, Dart, Go and other language apps in the same environment.


No More JS MVC Frameworks

 No More JS MVC Frameworks

A framework is like an iceberg, that 10% floating above the water doesn’t look dangerous, it’s the hidden 90% that will eventually get you.

Joe Gregorio wrote a great article on why all these JS MVC frameworks aren’t necessarily a good thing. 

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